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Using Chemical Foam to Treat Tree Root Blockages

A combination of mechanical root removal and a process known as chemical foaming is one of the cheapest and most effective means of removing root blockages in pipes.

Mechanical removal, known as root pulling or jet rodding, can be used on it’s own for a short term solution to remove tree roots from blocked pipes. This process uses machinery that your plumber feeds down the obstructed pipe. The machinery clears the pipe by cutting away the roots. This leads to clear, useable plumbing, but it won’t last long.


Clipping roots is just like pruning branches, it encourages tree growth. Without other treatments, roots will grow back into the pipes faster and stronger.

Chemical foam is a sturdy version of herbicide that has the power to clear pipes of small root masses by pushing them out. The foam will then harden, creating a barrier for further root growth that’s both physical and chemical. But, The foam isn’t strong enough to push out larger root masses entrenched in pipes.

That’s why both mechanical removal and foam treatment is an ideal solution.

After the pulling or rodding, your plumber feeds a camera attached to the end of a long hose down the obstructed pipe. Pictures from the camera let the plumber know that the bulk of the root mass has been cleared, which means it’s safe to apply chemical foam to the pipe.

The pipes don’t even need to be completely clear of roots to apply the chemical foam, because the foam will do some of the clearing for you. The thick foam pushes out or kills (and then pushes out) minor root blockages. The foam dries and coats the inside of your pipes with herbicidal chemicals that keep the root from growing back into your plumbing.

Your plumber may recommend that you use chemical foam on other pipes besides just the obstructed ones. The foam will clear tree root intrusion that may cause a problem and will protect plumbing from future root invasion.

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