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Tree Roots Block Drains

Did you know that the majority of sewer blockages are caused by tree root systems? A recent study found that tree roots are accountable for 54% of plumbing blockages; in some areas of Australia the number is as high as 93%

Plumbing blockages are a heavy price to pay for foliage. A root blocking inbound or outbound plumbing can quickly turn into a watery nightmare for home, business, and building owners.

Luckily, there are trees to avoid and trees that are okay. Trees with fibrous, or “spread out”, root can be dangerous near homes and businesses with plumbing. Trees with taproots, or roots that grow downward, can be safer for pipes. Also, some trees that are unsafe for plumbing become safer the farther they are away from buildings.

Don’t worry, if it’s too late for preventive landscaping, there are several ways to clear those pesky roots from pipes. Experts will use different methods depending on the circumstance of the blockages. Popular methods include rodding, jetting, root cutting, the use of chemicals, and a process called dig and repair.

No matter what the root blockage issue, Australia has a wealth of tree root and plumbing experts. They help our pipes live in harmony with our world-famous fauna.


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