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Condensation attracts tree roots to sewer pipes

Did you know tree roots are attracted to condensation on the inside of drain pipes?

Trees are naturally drawn to moisture and nutrients, and condensation can provide a source of both. The roots of a tree can detect the presence of moisture inside a pipe and grow towards it. As the roots grow, they can cause blockages or damage to the pipes. This can be more prevalent in areas with high humidity.

It’s also worth noting that tree roots are also attracted to other sources of moisture such as leaks, cracks or joints in the pipe and then the waste material inside the pipe. Tree roots will seek the nutrients found in the waste material in the sewer pipes.

It’s important to note that tree roots can cause damage to pipes no matter where the pipes are located, whether it’s near or far from the tree.

We have seen instances where tree roots will grow above the ground to get into sewer pipes that have been laid above ground under a house.

If you’ve had a blocked drain caused by tree roots, its definitely worth having your plumber regularly checking your pipes and addressing any issues promptly to stop blockages and prevent further damage caused by tree roots.

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