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Remove Roots in Pipes with Vaporooter

While trees contribute to the value of property, the health of citizens and the basic aesthetics of the environment, their roots can be extremely intrusive. When this intrusion happens in sewer lines, the tree roots cause extensive damage to the pipes. Implementing a process to remove tree roots from a clogged drain is essential in order to ensure the free flow of the waste water collection system.

A tree root that continues to grow will cause problems as roots will grow toward moisture through a continuous process. Tree root damage to drains is the result of roots that grow one cell at a time, enabling the root to penetrate extremely small openings in the pursuit of nourishment.

Once the root has entered a pipe, tree root damage escalates. A clogged drain caused by roots in sewer pipes is a much more formidable adversary than a basic clog. Once the damage occurs and the pipe is penetrated, the root can divide hundreds of times to form an enormous mass of tender root ends.

It is important to remove roots in pipes before a devastating backup occurs. The mass of roots within a clogged drain usually collects a thick coating of grease, causing it to become heavy and hang in the water. This hanging creates grit settlement and shoaling. As debris and sewage solids continue to build in the clogged drain, it piles on the root mass until a blockage occurs.

A common solution is to use an auger on the roots in sewer pipes to remove them from the sewer lines. This process to address a tree root problem can actually allow the tree roots to grow back bigger and stronger than before, thereby exacerbating the problem. A better solution that is not only easier to apply, but also ensures roots in drains do not continue to be a problem, is the Vaporooter solution.

Vaporooter is the perfect solution to remove tree roots from sewer lines as it is safe to use and does not hurt trees or other plants above ground. The use of Vaporooter approaches the level of 100 percent effectiveness in the process to remove roots in pipes. In fact, when used in annual applications, Vaporooter has proven to be the safest and most effective process to remove tree roots from sewer lines.

Delivered in a foam application by a certified technician, Vaporooter ensures elimination of your tree root problem. The foam ensures that the combination of herbicides, Metham Sodium (herbicide), and Dichlobenil (growth inhibiting agent), reaches every root to address any ongoing tree root problem. The roots will no longer grow in the sewer pipes and this will allow for the free and clear flow of fluids.

The use of a foam application also controls the amount of time the herbicide combination is in contact with the tree root to remove the roots in pipes. No other method of removing tree roots has been able to deliver the same safe and effective process as Vaporooter.

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