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The only way to stop tree roots growing
in your pipes is Vaporooter

Vaporooter stops tree root blockages in sewer pipes and prevents further tree root damage – GUARANTEED.

  • Vaporooter stops tree root damage to your pipes: It prevents tree roots from blocking your sewer pipes.
  • Vaporooter continues to protect your pipes so you can sleep well at night. If you don’t use Vaporooter, you might wake up to crushed pipes tomorrow morning with thousands of dollars in damages to deal with. As you sleep, your trees, the trees on the public land and your neighbours’ tree roots are making their way to your pipes. The question is not if they will block your pipes, but WHEN. Protect your pipes with Vaporooter today and get a good night’s sleep tonight.
  • Vaporooter gives you peace of mind for less than $2.20 a day. Vaporooter is like an insurance policy that protects the investment you’ve made in your home or property. You might not know that having a dog reduces your chance of robbery by 80% because thieves will select a house WITHOUT a dog before ever considering robbing a house with one. The same thing happens with Vaporooter. Trees will crush pipes NOT treated with Vaporooter instead of those treated with Vaporooter. When you decide to sell your property, you’ll get MORE for it BECAUSE you have insured your pipes!
  • Vaporooter only kills tree roots, not trees and plants. Vaporooter is 100% safe, tried and tested around the world for more than forty years.
  • Vaporooter as prevention is less expensive than repairs. Following costly tree root damage to their pipes, property owners unanimously agree they would have preferred paying a fraction of the cost for a hassle and damage-free Vaporooter treatment. They either did not know about it or wrongly thought ”it would not happen to me”. Do not make this mistake – protect your sewer pipes with Vaporooter.

Don’t wait till your next blocked
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The Vaporooter Australia Guarantee

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Not sure you have blocked drains or pipes due to tree roots?

Most repeat blocked drains are caused by the growth and regrowth of tree roots in your sewer pipes

Here are some symptoms to look for:

  • Slow draining or build up of water (sometimes ankle deep) in your shower or bath.
  • The excessive rise or fall of the water level in your toilet. We call it syphoning and it comes with it’s own sound effect that sounds like “glug glug glug”.
  • You find toilet paper remnants or dirty water around your sewer surcharge overflow gully in your garden.
  • Swarms of sewer flies around your drains.
  • Smelly drains are a sure sign that your pipes are becoming blocked.
  • Dirty or smelly water leaking from retaining walls or garden beds that may conceal sewer pipes.
  • Waste water leaking from pipes around and under your home that don’t normally leak.

Are you at risk for tree root damage to your pipes and drains?

  • Do you have trees on your property? How big are they? Are they species with small or large roots systems?
  • Do your neighbours have trees on their property? Trees roots grow under ground and cause substantial damage to neighbouring homes – often to properties that have no trees on them!
  • Does the public land around your property have trees on it? What about the area between your property and the street or on the street median?
  • Have your neighbours pipes been affected by tree roots?

If you live on a tree-lined street with properties with long-standing trees and no one has had tree root damage yet – you’re overdue and at a higher risk. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Vaporooter Australia Guarantees, that if we treat your pipes or drains with Vaporooter and you have any blockage caused by tree roots within 12 months, Vaporooter Australia will clear the blockage for FREE.

Moreover, if you remain on our Vaporooter Insurance Plan, We’ll extend the guarantee indefinitely so you never have to worry about tree root damage again!

How to keep tree roots out of
your sewers and pipes – Guaranteed

Watch this 3-minute video to see how
Vaporooter is professionally applied.

Attention Homeowners: The next time you have a party or BBQ is when you are most at risk of getting a blocked drain or pipe.

A blocked drain usually happens on weekends when the whole family’s home with everyone catching up on their weekly chores:  doing loads of laundry, washing, maybe for a birthday party, a get-together with the boys for the Grand Final day BBQ or a family gathering at Christmas or Easter.

This is the most inconvenient and costly time to have a blocked drain.

Up to 85% of residential plumbing emergencies are caused by tree roots  blocking drains and sewer pipes, often transforming a fun day or night out into a nightmare of smelly waste water that overflows all over the place causing havoc and sometimes costly damage.

Guess what? It’s all preventable.

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If you’ve ever had a blocked drain or sewer pipe due to tree root damage you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t flush your toilet or take a shower, nor can you have any clean clothes to wear because you just can’t wash your clothes (or your dinner plates for that matter!)

Getting peace of mind is easy – Most homeowners will have a Water Board Sewer Diagram at hand.
This diagram will show us where your sewer pipes run around your house and how they join to the Boards sewer main. The drawing should also indicate precisely where any points of access to the pipes are located (cleaning eyes or inspection openings).

If you don’t have a Water Board sewer diagram handy, not to worry – Vaporooter Australia will come to the rescue – Pronto!

By the way, don’t forget that applying Vaporooter means that not only can you sleep knowing your pipes aren’t about to be crushed and strangled by the beautiful trees that surround you, but your property value will actually increase when you explain that you’re one of the few properties in the area to have protected your pipes and drains. It may just be enough to get that anxious couple or young family to make a bid for your home rather than someone else’s.

Attention Property Managers, Agents and Landlords: Your properties are at risk right now, unless you do something to prevent tree root damage to your properties’ sewer pipes and drains

Every property portfolio has a handful of properties that have repeat blocked drains caused by tree roots. You know the ones I mean, the properties that drive you mad. They usually call with a frantic message on Friday of the long weekend. The end result is a costly and inconvenient emergency call to your local plumber.

But guess what? It’s not only preventable, but in the long run, it’s cheaper to protect your properties with Vaporooter Insurance than it is to take your chances. Gambling never pays off. With casinos the house always wins. With drains and pipes, the house never wins – the trees do!

If you’ve been lucky so far with long term tenants who have experienced regular sewer blockages, they recognise the symptoms early and notify your office so you can manage the problem efficiently and get your plumber to attend to it well in advance of a catastrophe.

But more often and more costly is when you have new or inexperienced tenants. Generally, they will ignore the symptoms and leave it until it’s too late. The reason’s simple: It’s not their problem nor is it their cost to deal with it!

That’s why you need to take tenants out of the equation and make sure you have Vaporooter Insurance for all your properties. Not only is it less costly than playing the odds of a catastrophe, it’s a value-add you can offer to your clients – the owners of the properties.

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Why choose Vaporooter Australia to apply Vaporooter to your properties sewer pipes and drains?

Vaporooter Australia is the exclusive and preferred applicator of Vaporooter in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, having applied Vaporooter to over 1400 properties ranging from humble cottages to multi-million dollar homes, blocks of flats, home units and schools.

Since 2004, David Conroy has been applying Vaporooter and as a certified applicator as well as an accredited trainer, he has personally trained over 38 of the very best of Australia’s  Vaporooter applicators from all across the country.

David has developed market-leading expertise fine tuning and finding better ways to apply Vaporooter in constantly changing situations.

In early 2010, David travelled to the home of Vaporooter in Liberty, Missouri in the United States to see how the product is produced and packaged as well as exchange case studies with the best Vaporooter applicators in the USA so they can learn how we do it here in Australia.

While in the US, David also attended The Worlds largest drain cleaning show is known as “Pumper and Cleaner Environmental Expo International” where the world’s best technologies suppliers and plumbers gather to discuss the cutting edge systems and processes. He’s constantly educating and informing himself about sewer maintenance and tree root damage prevention. In fact, with his blog, launched in 2009, David has contributors from more than 6 countries collaborating on the most advanced and effective techniques.

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Vaporooter applicators will be involved in
protecting your properties pipes and drains

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