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Vaporooter Helps Strata Prevent $40,000 Sewer Replacement

Location: Clovelly, Sydney Occupants: Mostly women over 40. 2 with teenage children. Home: Block of four 2 bedroom flats 2 up, 2 down circa 1920 Trees in Vicinity: Tree lined Street, many Hills Weeping Fig (Ficus Microcarpa Var.) large In total we have billed this client $9,772.00 for tree root cutting and repairs. In March 2010, they have finally indicated...

Stop Tree Roots in Pipes. Client Testimonial

Just in via email..... Dear Dave and Leigh, Thank you for doing the Vaporooter treatment this morning, it gives me considerable peace of mind. As you will recall we had experienced some nasty sewer blockages previously, up to two a year due to an invasive ficus vine spreading its tree roots into our pipes. The sewer line passes under a...