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Vaporooter. There are some setup costs

G’day! Its Dave Conroy
I’m here today to talk about Vaporooter.
There are some set-up costs if you are considering putting Vaporooter down your sewer pipes if you’ve got repeat blockages caused by tree roots.
The setup costs are a one off thing
And, what they include is putting a drain camera through your pipes to survey exactly what is going on inside your pipes.
To determine if your pipes are actually suitable to have Vaporooter applied.
9/10 times they are!
Now, the most common question people ask me is “Does the product work?”
Yes, It does!
We’re actually applying Vaporooter at this property in Vaucluse in Sydney’s eastern suburbs this morning.
This is a client who has had it applied for five years in a row.
So, to sumarise
Yes, there some setup costs.
Yes, It does work.
Yes, you need to have it applied annually.
If you’ve got any questions, through Vaporooter Australia, please contact me on 1800 637 600
Or go to our website, that’s

Tree roots grow through pipe joints.

Tree roots usually enter your pipe line through the pipe joints.

Did you know each clay sewer pipe is usually 2-3 foot long, that’s 600-900mm each?
So, in a pipe line 100 feet in length (30 metres), there could be up to 50 individual pipes with bends and junctions.

That means there are at least 50 different places for a tree to get its roots into your sewer.

That’s a lot of opportunity for tree roots searching for moisture in our hot Australian climate with unpredictable rain fall.

If you’re considering pipe relining, root cutting or a pipe renewal as options for keeping the roots at bay remember, the tree roots can just move down to the next pipe joint that hasn’t been protected.