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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Why trees choose sewer over stormwater pipes.

Trees are more likely to grow into sewer pipes than stormwater pipes. Every day we use our plumbing sending that water and fertiliser combination along the pipeline for the trees and their root systems to drink their fill. BUT, stormwater pipes only carry water when it rains, which in this country is fairly unreliable. If I was a tree and...

Tree roots grow through pipe joints.

Tree roots usually enter your pipe line through the pipe joints. Did you know each clay sewer pipe is usually 2-3 foot long, that’s 600-900mm each? So, in a pipe line 100 feet in length (30 metres), there could be up to 50 individual pipes with bends and junctions. That means there are at least 50 different places for a...

Tree roots in drains start out small

Do you know how small tree roots are when they enter your sewer drains? Believe it or not, when tree roots enter your drains through small cracks in the pipe joints, they are finer than the hairs on your head or the purest Australian wool. Then, once they are in the cracks and pipe joints they multiply